Kedung Tumpang Beach, Tulungagung - Similar to a Natural Pool Surrounded by Exotic Coral

Kedung Tumpang Beach

Tulungagung, East Java, has a natural tourist destination in the form of a beautiful natural lagoon. This lagoon or natural pool is on Kedung Tumpang Beach. It is located in Pucanglaban Village, Pucanglaban District, Tulungagung.

Kedung Tumpang Beach is known as one of the beaches with cliffs and steep cliffs. In fact, that is what is unique and attractive.

Java Island has no boredom when it is discussed about its tourist attraction especially in terms of water tourism, one of which is in East Java Province, this time we will discuss the city in East Java, Tulungagung. Tulungagung is one of the regencies in East Java Province and as one of the largest marble in Indonesia is located 154km from Surabaya, the capital of East Java. Tulungagung also has very beautiful beach tourism, one of which is Kedung Tumpang Beach.

Kedung Tumpang Beach is formed due to the erosion of the sea which is gradually eroding the coral on the beach. The clusters of coral finally eroded and left a natural pool or lagoon. Laguna is a pool of water that is separated from the sea but has salt water. This lagoon is filled because of the waves crashing on the reef so that little by little the pools on the coral coast This beach is filled so that it forms like a jacuzzi or a natural swimming pool.

The shape of the Kedung Tumpang lagoon is also beautiful, the water is clear and a traveler can swim happily here. Like having a private pool with a beautiful view leading to the open sea There is no comparison. Residents around the site sometimes call the pool with a drown or deep or part of a deep river. In addition to traveling, tourists visiting the beach can also set up camp in a parking area. The location of this campsite is perfect for enjoying the atmosphere of the vast sea, sometimes even seeing dolphins that are near the beach.

The coral which is covered with green moss adds to the exoticism of this tourist spot. Ponds with irregular shapes have different surface height from each other.

Every traveler always has a unique way of treating their vacation moments. But believe me, kedung that ponds and ponds always attract anyone to dive into. Therefore, swimming can be a mandatory activity without being asked. Do it, alone or together while showing who is most happy.

The way to Kedung Tumpang Tulungagung Beach is indeed not easy. Naturally, if some beautiful and interesting tourist attractions Paliang very difficult to reach. There are advantages because it is not easily accessible so it is not easily damaged.

Kedung Tumpang Beach, Tulungagung

The journey to Kedung Tumpang Beach from Tulungagung Terminal is estimated to take around 2 hours in normal conditions. Mileage is estimated between 47 kilometers up to 50 kilometers. In addition to going through Tulungagung you can also use the route through the city of Blitar.

There is no entrance ticket to visit Kedung Tumpang Beach. You just have to pay the vehicle parking fee. The price of parking at Kedung Tumpang Beach for Motorbikes is Rp.5,000 and Cars is Rp.15,000 (if there is no increase yet). Considering the road to this destination has not yet been built smoothly, the two-wheeled vehicle option is the best mode of transportation to go to Kedung Tumpang Beach.

After parking the vehicle, the traveler only needs to walk down the cliff to get to Kedung Tumpang Beach. Because the road is still not too good, it is recommended to use adequate footwear, do not use flip-flops but wear mountain sandals. Remain careful and be aware of the dangers that threaten.

When I arrived at Kedung Tumpang Beach, the difficulty of access to this hidden paradise immediately paid off. This natural-lined coral beach is truly beautiful. Not enough words to describe it. Immediately get ready to plunge into this tempting natural pool The water is clear, the scenery is beautiful. Guaranteed to be satisfied playing water in Kedung Tumpang Beach.