The charm of Sumur Tiga Beach, the Beautiful Sparkling Sand in Sabang

Sumur Tiga Beach Hidden Beauty on Weh Island is a Beach Tourism Destination located in Gampong Le Maulee, Weh Island, Banda Aceh Province, Indonesia that you must visit while on vacation to Weh Island. This beautiful white sand beach is famous for its beautiful and enchanting beaches. A clean beach with clear turquoise sea water with green palm trees waving in the wind will make you comfortable and calm on holiday at Sumur Tiga Beach Hidden Beauty of Weh Island that you can enjoy.

Weh Island is one of the Volcanic Islands located in the North West of Sumatra Island, Indonesia, which has a panoramic and beautiful beach panorama to be enjoyed. The island located in the Andaman Sea is famous for its ecosystem.

Weh Island is also famous for its ecotourism. diving, climbing volcanoes and beach resorts are the main attractions of Weh Island. Like Iboih Beach which is famous as a location to swim below the surface of the sea, Rubiah Beach which is famous for the beauty of its coral reefs and Sumur Tiga Beach, Hidden Beauty in Weh Island which is famous as a clean and natural beach like heaven.

Besides being able to enjoy the beauty of a beautiful and enchanting beach panorama, at Sumur Tiga Beach Pulau Weh, you can also do other beach activities such as swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling and diving. No wonder even though the place is hidden, Sumur Tiga Beach is visited by many foreign tourists and archipelago tourists to pamper themselves on this beautiful beach.

The beach which is located on the east coast of Weh Island or about 15 minutes from Sabang City or precisely is in the District of Le Maulee, Sukajaya, Sabang, Weh Island, Banda Aceh Province is called Sumur Tiga Beach because it has three Freshwater Wells there. This beach has different characteristics with Iboih Beach or Gapang Beach in other Weh Island areas.

The beach sand at Sumur Tiga Beach is whiter, softer and sparkling like crystal when compared to the beaches found on other Weh Island. Although a bit choppy, the panoramic beach stretches blue sea combined with a breeze that moves the palm on the beach.

Well for those of you who want a vacation to Sumur Tiga Beach, Hidden Beauty of Weh Island can be a paradise for those of you who like to do diving and snorkeling or surfing with some lodging facilities, restaurants or food stalls that you can enjoy.

Access and Facilities

On this beach there are many inns that you can rent. Some restaurants or food stalls also exist. The beach is so easy to reach. The distance is only about 10 minutes drive from downtown Sabang. To go to this beach, you can pass the city of Aceh. The route from the city of Aceh goes to Ulee Lheue Harbor by land vehicle. From Ulee Lheue Harbor immediately go to Balohan Harbor in Sabang by ferry. From Balohan Harbor, you can rent a taxi or rental car and immediately go to the beach.