The beauty of Lake Weekuri, Heaven in Remote Sumba

Lake Weekuri which is bluish green is a lake that is very unique when compared to the lakes in general in Indonesia because of its salty and brackish water content. Why is it salty? Because this lake is actually a lagoon that is formed from open ocean water in the lake range. The water enters from the crevices of rocks that are in clusters of rocks around the lake. In addition to the nature of brackish water brought from the sea, the unique thing about this lake is that there are several spring sources that make the gradation of water color in this lake varied, there are bright blue, slightly greenish blue even some that feel warm and some are warm cold. Its uniqueness is very rarely found in other lakes in Indonesia!

Lake Weekuri is located in Kalenarogo Village, North Kodi District, Southwest Sumba Regency, East Nusa Tenggara.
Lake Weekuri is located about 60 kilometers from the district capital, Tambolaka.

Lake Weekuri is oval shaped with a length of about 150 meters inland, the farthest width is 50 meters, and the depth of the left is about 3 meters and the right part is 5 meters during high tides. When the lake water recedes, the lowest lake bottom is only about 30 cm and only looks shiny white sand.

Weekuri comes from the Sumba language, which is wee means water and kuri means grated or sprinkled. Weekuri means water from the grated coral that breaks through the land, then forms a lake.

The grove of trees surrounding the lip of the lake makes the atmosphere very cool. At the edge of the lake a small wooden house was built. The place was prepared by traders to sell Sumba woven cloth, bracelets, bahar roots, and various souvenirs of Sumba.

The cave stones at the lip of the lake form a beautiful stalagtic and stalagmite. Visitors often use the natural cave to take shelter and relax. On the shoreline there are giant rocks.

On top of the giant rocks that bridge the lake and sea water, grow coral trees, such as cactus and sponges. The condition of the coral was uneven but up and down, even in some parts it looked like a sponge.

Visitors can bathe in fun and swim to their heart's content. Because of the high salt content, people can float without having to use a buoy for a long time. For those who are not good at swimming need not worry. Because locals also prepare car tires for swimming without fixing prices.

Lake Weekuri is also surrounded by beautiful rocks that are often used as a shelter. There is also a cave rock that forms a circle as if protecting the lake from the waves of the sea. The oval-shaped cave rock with a length of about 150 meters and a width of 50 meters makes the lake calmer and less choppy.

Besides being able to enjoy the beauty of Lake Weekuri by playing water or swimming, visitors can also enjoy and explore its beauty from a height. Only need to walk down the path to the west.

Following the sound of the waves, visitors can climb the cliff that juts into the open sea. When climbing on these rocks, visitors must be extra careful because these rocks are very sharp and sharp.

From the top of this coral hill, visitors will feel a different sensation. Much more beautiful if you enjoy the panoramic beauty of Lake Weekuri from the top of this coral hill. Blue ocean with waves that hit a cluster of rocks that surround the lake.

This sight makes visitors amazed. Lake Weekuri also looks like a blue pool when viewed from a height.

The right time to visit Lake Weekuri is at 4 in the afternoon. In the afternoon the sun begins to lean west so the blue sky will reflect light into the lake, besides that visitors can also watch the sunset from the top of this coral hill.

Facilities and access to Lake Weekuri

For facilities, Lake Weekuri is equipped with several stalls selling food and drinks. There are also traders who sell typical Sumba fabrics. Existing toilets also still seem improvised.

Before visiting this place, visitors should bring their own food and drinks. If you want to stay overnight, visitors can get lodging in downtown Tambolaka.

Access to the lake is quite difficult. Visitors must rent a motorized vehicle to be able to access this location. From Waikabubak, the capital of West Sumba Regency, visitors can rent a car or motorcycle from Waikabubak.

Visitors can also depart from Tambolaka, the capital of Southwest Sumba Regency. In the same way, rent a car or motorcycle.

Located about 60 km from Tambaloka, visitors continue to head towards Weekurim. On the left side of the road, visitors will find a resort. Not far from the resort, visitors will soon enter the Lake Weekuri area.

After that, you only need to ask the locals to reach your final destination.