The beauty of Angso Duo Island, Alternative Marine Tourism in Pariaman

Angso Duo Island, a small and beautiful island that has an attraction for domestic and foreign tourists. This island has a fascinating underwater beauty with a diversity of coral reefs. The fish also varies and the sea water is clear.

Has an area of about 5.13 hectares, with 1.25 hectares is a stretch of soft white sand, a walk on this island will not feel hot. The reason is, many coconut trees stand shady and dense.

Angso Duo Island is one of the six islands on Pariaman beach, which is 2 miles from the coast of Pariaman. It takes a 15 minute trip by boat or fishing boat that you can rent for Rp. 25,000 round trip.

Although not too broad, on this island there are also several spots to just unwind. Visitors can play the available swings on the beach, close their eyes. Enjoy the sound of the waves and the cool beach breeze and protection from the shade of trees.

In addition to a small cottage that offers tour packages, there are a variety of neatly arranged resident huts complete with lounge chairs that offer a variety of culinary delights. The freshness of young coconut and seafood, as well as instant noodles cooked by the Minangkabau people will certainly be a delicious friend while enjoying the beauty of the beach and the sea.

For visitors who like fishing, can bring fishing equipment to this island. If lucky, visitors can get the chance to get fresh fish around the beach on Angso Duo Island. Later, catching fresh fish can be burned and eaten with friends or family.

Visitors can choose to play swing available on the beach, close your eyes. Enjoy the sound of the waves and the cool beach breeze and protection from the shade of trees. It's a relaxing activity of course.

Since I was still in the waters, before landing on the island, an Angso Duo Island landmark in the form of writing a red name would welcome visitors. When landing, the cleanliness of the beach on the island will make visitors amazed.

White sandy beaches and sloping lots of tourists want to explore the entire island with enthusiasm. Not so extensive enough to see what the hell is on this island. The name of the island there must be a forest area that is dominated by coconut and aru trees.

A full day around Angso Duo Island is very pleasant, coupled with an afternoon view of the sunset around the beach. The best spot location is also on this beach to watch the sunset moment.

There is one more that makes it interesting and smells mysterious on the island of Angso duo. It was a long grave that added to the mystical aura of Angso Duo Island. The grave which has a length of 6 meters and covered with white cloth with two large tombstones.

According to stories from the local community, the long grave is the tomb of a teacher from a large ulama in West Sumatra. The cleric had a big influence on the spread of Islam, namely Sheikh Burhanuddin Ulakan, Padang Pariaman.

This long grave is visited by many domestic and international tourists. Now, the long grave is widely used by local people for religious rituals. In addition, on the island of Angso Duo also has a surau (musala) which is named "Surau Tuanku" which is often used as a family tourist spot as well as a place of worship.

For those who are good at swimming or diving, the waters of Angso Duo Island are very suitable as a snorkeling location. Enough to pay 25 thousand rupiah to rent equipment provided by the manager.

The waters and coral reefs that are still good have indeed become one of the supporting tourism on this island. Highly recommended for snorkeling when it is sunny and the sun is shining brightly.

On this island, visitors can enjoy the offerings and attractions, ranging from playing Jet Ski, playing Banana Boat, selfie at spots that are uniquely designed and interesting. Everything completes the main activities in the form of playing water and snorekeling and playing white sand on this island.

Access and Facilities

Existing facilities at Angso Duo are fairly complete. In addition to lodging, there is also a mosque, a rinse, a bathroom, and a variety of water games. Visitors can try to ride a donut with a Rp. 30,000 ticket and also a banana boat with a Rp. 25,000 ticket.

Visitors can start the trip to the island of Angso Duo using the morning train. By taking the Padang Station route to Padang Pariaman Station. If you do not have the opportunity to use this mode of public transportation, you can use motorbikes, private cars, and public buses to the city of Pariaman.

After arriving at the final station stop in Padang Pariaman, automatically arrived at Gondariah Beach. It only requires a walk to the boat as a mode of crossing transportation to Angso Duo Island.

Traveling to the island costs IDR 40,000 and takes only 10-15 minutes. The last departure time is 15.00 and the return route to Gondariah Beach is 18.00.