Tanggedu Waterfall, Heaven Flakes Located in East Sumba

East Nusatenggara is like a natural tourist destination east of Indonesia, because nature has provided so many interesting spots to visit, one of which is Tanggedu Waterfall. Tenggudu Waterfall is located in the village of Ndapayami, which is 46 km from downtown Waingapu

Tanggedu Waterfall looks stunning with steep cliffs on the left and right side. Tanggedu Waterfall stands majestically behind these steep cliffs. This waterfall has its own characteristics, with clear blue water making this beautiful waterfall extraordinary.

Its natural beauty is stunning and still beautiful and awake because it is avoided from the reach of ignorant hands, making this Tanggedu Waterfall last its beauty. It is said that Tanggedu Waterfall is said to be similar to one of the adventure spots in America, the Grand Canyon.

Popularity The existence of Tanggedu Waterfall, a waterfall whose location is hidden from the hustle and bustle of the city is also influenced by the rapid spread of information on social media. The beauty of this waterfall is quickly famous through Instagram.

The water flow is quite heavy so tempting to do body rafting or tubing here. Moreover, the river water here is not too deep, so it is neat enough to carry out these exciting actions.

Another interesting thing about Tanggedu is that its position is surrounded by high cliffs. The presence of this landscape seems to provide space and gaps as a place for running water. This unique spot is often used by tourists to take pictures. The result is of course very cool and worthy to embellish Instagram feeds.

This destination can be said to serve unique and beautiful natural beauty. How not, the surrounding area is surrounded by green trees and hills. This of course makes the atmosphere around it feel more cool and beautiful.

Visitors can relax for a long time admiring the waterfall while being pampered in the gentle caress of the cool air.

Visiting Tanggedu Waterfall, visitors will find many rocks. Everything seems to have a unique color and naturally forms a space for water to flow. Its surface looks clear and clean. The water flows over the rocks and forms a beautiful natural bathing pool.

Facilities at Tanggedu Waterfall:

Tanggedu Waterfall is still managed by the surrounding community. It seems that the local government is not interested in the extraordinary beauty of Tanggedu Waterfall. Though this adventure spot is a good and good potential.

This can be seen from the facilities there. Indeed, just food stalls and bathrooms already exist. However, for those who want to spend more time here, must stay outside the area, or request a community home there to become a guesthouse.

Location and Route to Tanggedu Waterfall:

Tanggedu Waterfall is a waterfall located in Tanggedu Village, Kanatang District, East Sumba Regency, East Nusa Tenggara.

The distance is only about 46 km or 1.5 hours drive from downtown Waingapu. Located in Tanggedu Village, visitors must trek for 30-45 minutes across challenging terrain to reach that hidden paradise.

To reach Tanggedu Waterfall, it takes a long struggle to get here. Starting with a trip for approximately 2 hours from downtown Waingapu. Moreover, the road that is passed is quite an adrenaline rush, must go up and down a kind of hill with the left and right is a ravine.

In the rainy season, at some point sometimes visitors have to turn off the car. Because there are some landslides. Arriving at the last village, Tanggedu village, visitors still have to fight.

From Tanggedu village, a 2.5 km journey was continued on foot through Mondu and Painatang Traditional Village. This trip crosses small streams, splits savannahs, follows broad fields, and goes up and down hills.