Lasiana Beach, The Beauty of the Beach in NTT

Lasiana Beach is a white sandy beach with calm water, waving palm trees and beautiful shade of lontar palms. Here, while enjoying young coconut water and sweet palm juice, fragrant roasted corn, roasted bananas, and young coconut ice with candied real water also become a delicious meal to enjoy.

Lasiana Beach has a very amazing view. Visitors will be treated to a stretch of clean white sand combined with sparkling blue sea water, complete with calm waves. The atmosphere is not too crowded also makes this beach very suitable as a place to relax yourself.

Lasiana Beach has a location with an area of about 3, 5 hectares. In the west part of the coast, land is seen making small hills. This small hill is the background that gives the beauty of the beach.

Above the beach, there are many coconut trees and palm plants. While at this beach, visitors can see along the beach there are many tall trees that increasingly make a beautiful panorama of the beach. Not far from the beach there are coconut trees and old palm trees which are still productive and used by local residents. The two plants are often used to make lopo-lopo, as seen lined up on Lasiana Beach.

At Lasiana Beach visitors can do many activities such as playing beach volleyball, jogging, fishing or swimming. The topography combines a beautiful blend of hilly terrain and coastline that makes the surrounding landscape unique to enjoy. Other activities, visitors can dive or snorkel on this beautiful beach. visitors can enjoy the underwater life consisting of various types of fish and coral reefs. This beach is rich in biodiversity. When diving visitors can find a lot of flora and fauna.

Fish species and coral reefs are scattered in the islands around the coast. Visitors can even dive in many diving spots, including shipwrecks from Japanese warships in 1942. This ship is hidden in the waters of Semau Island.

The wreck is so shallow that divers can easily reach the spot. The ship was bombed by the Australian Air Force in the early years of World War II. The ship sank right where the ship docked. Visitors can visit the place and find out how great the bombing was.

Lasiana Beach beauty will increasingly show the sensation and charm when the afternoon arrives. Visitors can come around 17:30 to see the beautiful sunset. The maximum beauty can be enjoyed from the shoreline when the weather is sunny.

The beauty of the sunset is flanked by several tens of tall palm trees. This combination is even more amazing when you enjoy it from a motorized car park. To capture this beautiful event, many visitors deliberately take photos with a digital camera or use a cellphone camera at sunset in the western horizon.

Supporting Facilities

In the Lasiana Beach area there is a parking lot to store visitors' vehicles two-wheeled and four-wheeled. Toilet facilities have also been prepared for those of you who have washed after bathing on the beach or will urinate and defecate. Along the beach there are also lopos. A kind of beach umbrella but traditionally typical of local culture.

Location and Access to the Beach

Lasiana Beach is administratively located in Lasiana Village, Kelapa Lima, Kupang Tengah Kupang City, Nusa Tenggara Timur.

Lasiana Beach is approximately 12 km from the city of Kupang. The travel time is quite short, only about 15 minutes. The road conditions are already very good, smooth, and safe and comfortable for vehicles.

Lasiana Beach is on the main island of Timor. So, there are many directions that can be used as guides for all tourists. Can also take public transportation. Can use vehicles with the type of colt. It is enough to pay only IDR 5,000. The visitors will be escorted to the beauty of Lasiana beach. Or you can also rent a vehicle with a fairly friendly price.