Enjoying the Blue Water of Suluban Beach

Bali is endlessly offering exotic charm to its beaches. Not surprisingly, Bali's beach is very famous among foreign tourists. One more beach spot that must be tested, especially for those of you who like to surf, namely Suluban Beach.

Suluban Beach is one of the most unique beaches in Bali, covered with a series of limestone and can be accessed via stairs and footpaths between the rocks. Covered by a wide cliff edge, this small beach may not be ideal for those of you who want to sunbathe, but it is very suitable for surfing and driving a boat. You can also go to the Uluwatu area if heading south.

The beach, better known as Blue Point Beach, could be one of the most favorite surfing spots because the waves here are predicted to be a paradise for local and foreign surfers.

Suluban Beach is located at the end of Jalan Mamo in the Labuan Sait beach area, an area that includes the surf locations of Padang Padang and Uluwatu. Unless you are staying at a villa that has just been established in this area, you can reach the area by shuttle bus, taxi or motorcycle.

What You Can Do on the Suluban Beach:

- Enjoy the Sunrise and Sunset Views

Morning is the best time if you want to avoid the crowds and "claim" your favorite places, but the most beautiful scenery can be found at sunset. Try to go to the location above for a different atmosphere.

The thing that distinguishes the view of the sun rising on this beach and other beaches is because the sun sets into the gaps of rocks. You are guaranteed not to regret if you enjoy one evening at this beach.

- Enjoy the White Sand Beach

White sandy beaches are not commonly found in Indonesia, but one of the beaches that provide this view is Suluban Beach. If you have visited many beaches in Indonesia and want a new atmosphere, visit this beach.

- Enjoy the Wave Pool

You can also visit the wave pool that can be enjoyed with friends and family. Surfers come and go at any time without regard to the high waves.

The coast guard always watches the tower all the time, paying attention to the level of waves and surfers' ferocity. Unfortunately, not many are on guard on the beach itself. Make sure you pay attention to the ferocious waves, because the currents are sometimes so strong and the waves can crash through the opening of the cave so that it is dangerous.

Because of this reason, Suluban Beach is not really recommended as a tourist destination for children.

- Relax in the Cave

There are several openings in the rocks and small caves that you can explore and "claim" a temporary place to rest on that day. You can also explore different parts of the beach through this place. the best time to explore it is when the waves are not fierce, so you can see more places and sandy paths that are accessible.

- Access Various Other Tourist Attractions

Another advantage of Suluban Beach is its location which is so close to other attractions. You do not need to go far to visit other tourist attractions. Call it Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Balangan Beach and Dreamland Beach.

- Enjoying Balinese Cuisine

Obviously a long and tiring journey requires you to spend a lot of energy. You can add energy around the Suluban Beach. Lots of various kinds of restaurants are available around Suluban Beach. Most of these restaurants also face the beach so you can enjoy fine dining as well as views of the beach.

- Enjoy the Beauty of the Cliffs of the Reef

As you have read in several previous sections, you must already know that in Suluban Beach there are many beautiful cliffs to be seen and become objects of photography. Besides being beautiful, these cliffs are very high so they can protect you from the hot sun.

Its position puts the beach in the middle. The area covered is very wide and this can be an interesting photographic object.